Hurling Pixels
Hurling Pixels

Echoing the modern, absurdist, moral melee

Hurling Pixels

My name is Alain. I'm an independent artist, musician, producer, and educator from Canada. I publish my work under the moniker Hurling Pixels.

The music is comprised of traditional instruments and computer-based production. My musical influences range from Classic Rock, to Hip-Hop, to EDM. I prepare my own artwork and handle all aspects of post-production.

Music is what gets me out of bed. I am resolute in not spoiling the opportunity to devote time and energy to the study, exploration, expression, and education of the craft. And to serve a community of shared interests and values.

Enjoy the content. And if there's anything more I might do for you, don't hesitate to reach out.

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I am fiercely independent. But, consequentially, the sustainability of my endeavors, and publication of my work, relies largely on funding from fans.

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